Wednesday Wedding Wizards – Lisa Notley

On Wednesdays I feature a fabulous wedding supplier in the south of England. From photography and cakes to event planning and entertainment, these are the people I love to work with and want to shout about!

Today, more cake! Lisa makes seriously delicious ones that happen to look great too. She really cares about her creations and I’ve seen some fantastically detailed cakes from her over the years at weddings spanning a wide variety of themes. If you’re looking amazing chocolate work in particular, I would highly recommend you talking to Lisa! A safe pair of hands for cake lovers on their big day…


What service/product do you provide?

I specialise in creating beautiful and delicious wedding cakes, from my farmhouse kitchen in the heart of the Dorset countryside; With every one of my cakes designed to suit the individuality of each couple and their wedding.

Describe yourself in three words:

Ohh that’s a difficult one – will you allow 5? Artistic, creative, friendly country girl!!

How did you come to work in weddings?

I trained as a chef & throughout my years in catering I was always baking & decorating celebration & wedding cakes as a side line. After starting a family I decided that I would like to go back to work, but it had to fit with our new lifestyle & after an evening out with my husband Lisa Notley Wedding Cakes was born!

What do you love most about your job?

I love everything, from the first design consultation with the excited bride & groom, through to baking & creating their cakes.


What part of a wedding makes you go ‘YES!’?

I love seeing the cake set up in beautiful surroundings, knowing that it complements their day and hearing back from the bride & groom saying they loved their cake! I feel very privileged to be a small part of a couple’s day!

If you were getting married tomorrow, what would you wear?

I loved my dress that I wore 20 years ago in 1994 when marrying my husband! Though it did get rather muddy… So if it was really unwearable after 20 years in the loft then a Joanne Fleming Designed dress!

So it seems congratulations are in order for Lisa, with her 20th Wedding Anniversary being this year! Go check out more of her delicious cakes here.

JP x
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