How much do wedding flowers cost?


How much do wedding flowers cost? Now there’s a question! And the answer is not a simple one… every couple has a different amount to spend on their wedding and each will place a different level of importance on the flowers. Some feel that they are a big part of the day and are willing to spend big for a full on flower-fest; others feel that a few bouquets and buttonholes are enough for them. Of course both options are fine and it’s part of my job to work out what the best ideas are for the given budget.

Most of the couples who come to see me really have no idea what bespoke wedding flowers cost, but having heard horror stories about ‘wedding tax’ (more on that for sure in another post!) making everything extortionate, many are pleasantly surprised when they receive their quote.


I thought it may be useful to give an indication of what is possible at different budgets, so you at least have an idea from the get-go. Things do depend on the seasonal availability of the flowers chosen and exactly the effect you’re after, but it’s an indication nevertheless:

Up to £300

You can probably expect a bridal bouquet, one or two bridesmaid’s bouquets, buttonholes for the gents and corsages for mums at this price.

Up to £700

You might be able to get a bridal bouquet, two or three bridesmaid’s bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, a registrar’s table/top table arrangement, and some simple table decs for the reception.

Between £700 and £1500

A much easier budget to work with in terms of choice. Items could include… a bridal bouquet, three bridesmaid’s bouquets, buttonholes and corsages, a registrar’s table/top table arrangement, some pew ends/chair ends for the ceremony, two large displays for the ceremony that you can move to the reception later, and some simple table decs.

Between £1500 and £3000

This is where you can really create wow factor: At this price-point, you might upgrade your table decs to tall and impressive arrangements which look fabulous when you enter the room. You might also consider occasional items such as flowers for fireplaces, windowsills or even in the loo!


For this amount, you’ll be able to really get a ‘flowers everywhere’ effect. A stunning floral archway to frame an entrance may be possible, and you can add more flowers to other arrangements for a sumptuous effect. Have no fear if you have an army of bridesmaids… there’s enough here to cover gorgeous bouquets for them all.


And for more advice on planning your flowers, check out these posts about where to start and how to get the best from your florist.

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Note: Post updated to reflect 2016-2017 prices…

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