How to get the best from your wedding florist


There are articles like this one all over the internet and in magazines; some of them really great. Not all of them, however, are written by a florist who actually deals with weddings and flowers on a daily basis. I thought I should put together my tips for getting the very best out of your florist and receiving the service and flowers you always dreamed of:

Make initial enquiries as early as you can…

The best suppliers get booked up quickly and sensible ones will put a limit on how many events they will take on in a week. As soon as you have booked your venue and have an idea of styles and colours you might like, book a consultation.


Even if you don’t have an overall vision yet, get in touch anyway…

If you know you want to use a particular florist but don’t know what you’d like yet, it’s still worth making enquiries and even paying a deposit for peace of mind. Exact designs and prices can be pinned down later… And don’t worry about going over budget; as long as you’re realistic about what is possible, we can suggest things which will work.

Do some research, but remain open-minded…

The flowers in that picture you love from Pinterest may not be available in the month you are due to marry. In addition, because many of the images are from abroad, there’s also chance that some things are only available as very expensive imports. Coming to your consultation with pictures you like is great, but be prepared for the florist to suggest substitutions which will work. You’ll potentially save money and get unique designs that aren’t copies of another wedding.

Tell us about the whole day…

The other items chosen for your wedding décor can give us a good idea of your style. A scheme really comes together beautifully when the venue, table linens, lighting, props and table plan are in tune with the floral arrangements. This doesn’t mean your wedding has to be matchy-matchy, but cohesion in the overall style gives a great look. Bring pictures of other things you’ve chosen so we can ‘feel’ the vision for the day alongside you.


Be honest about your budget from the start…

While it’s true that a lot of couples genuinely don’t know how much it will all cost, if you have a very strict budget, let us know. That way, we won’t suggest things that you can’t afford and can suggest the very best options for you. Check out this post to find out what you can probably expect at different price-points.

Remember that you get what you pay for…

If you have shopped around for quotes, don’t just go with the cheapest option. Every florist has a different style and different ideas about the size of designs which will look good in your venue or the amount of flowers needed to create the bouquets. You can never really get an exact like-for-like estimate and are much more likely to get the look you want from the person who understands your vision and whose previous work you love.

Save up your questions and ask them all at once…

Remember that you’re not just paying for flowers, but also your florist’s time and expertise. If you’d like to make changes to your wedding order, it pays to do this all at once rather than bits at a time. Not only will it avoid confusion, particularly for yourself, but it also frees up precious time for the florist who will be busy working on other weddings booked in before yours.


And for more advice on planning your flowers, check out these posts about prices and the temptation to DIY.

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